Court Road Surgery

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Most referrals are sent electronically to the local hospitals via the Clinical Referral Centre (CRC) based at University Hospital Wales, Cardiff (UHW).  Paper referrals are collected daily from the practice in a sealed envelope and taken to the CRC.  When received by the CRC the referral is forwarded directly to the appropriate hospital department.

Patients wishing to find out information about waiting times and appointments should contact the New Appointments Department at either Llandough Hospital 02920 716757or UHW 02920 748181.

There are sometimes lengthy waiting times for patients to be seen following referral by the GP.  There are occasions where the wait is medically unacceptable, for example your condition may be deteriorating.  The GP may ask the hospital to expedite your appointment.  If you find the wait is too long we would ask that you contact the Practice Secretary and ask if the GP can expedite your referral.   Please DO NOT make an appointment with the GP for this purpose.