Court Road Surgery

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Long Term Conditions Clinic

Patients with Long Term Conditions including heart disease, diabetes and stroke, should be reviewed at the practice at least annually.  Practice Nurse will arrange all relevant blood tests and have these available to review with you at your appointment.

Time: Clinics running most weekdays with dedicated Doctor & Nurse for review.

Respiratory Clinic

Patients being advised that their inhaler medication is due for review should book an appointment with the Practice Nurse for an annual check.  This clinic is also suitable for newly diagnosed Asthmatics offering advice and support with managing their illness.

Time: Usually Thursdays

Family Planning

Advice on all methods of contraception is available, including intrauterine device (Coil) fitting, screening for oral contraceptive, cervical smears and contraceptive implants.

Time: During normal surgery times.  Please ask at reception.

Antenatal Clinic

This clinic is run by the practice midwife who will support and monitor mums-to-be during their pregnancy.

Time: Thursday 14:00 – 16:00

Minor Operations Clinic

Some lesions can be removed by the practice.  Patients should consult with a GP in the first instance for referral to the clinic.

Time: Please ask at reception for an appointment or to be added to the waiting list if the diary has not been opened.

Wart Clinic

Once a month the practice runs a wart clinic.

Time: Please ask at reception for the date of the next clinic.


The practice is able to offer the services of a counsellor.

Time: Tuesday


Patients aged 65+ and patients “at risk”, the practice offers free immunisation from around October each year.   We recommend patients contact the surgery in September for information on clinic details.

Time: Posters will be displayed at the time with details of clinic times.


We are happy to complete some private medicals for our own patients.  Appointments may be pre-booked for these although there is a fee for this service.  There are some medicals which are too specialist for us to undertake.  Please check with the secretary.

Time: Please ask to speak to the Secretary to arrange a private medical appointment.  This includes driving, adoption and fostering medicals.


The Practice Nurses are available to offer advice on relevant immunisations prior to travel.  Ideally patients should book an appointment approximately 8 weeks prior to travel to ensure that courses of immunisations can be completed.

Time: During normal surgery.

Baby Clinic

The Health Visitor, Doctor and Practice Nurse carryout 8 week checks from 9.15 – 10.15.  Baby will see the Health Visitor, GP and then the Practice Nurse for immunisations provided all is well.  Post natal checks for mum are carried out at this appointment also.

The Practice Nurses carryout childhood immunisations by appointment from 10.30 – 12.30.

The Health Visitors are available from 10.30 – 11.30 to offer advice and support to families with young children.

Time: Tuesday.

INR Clinic

We operate an INR clinic to provide patients on warfarin with testing and dosing at the practice.

Time: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.